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Welcome to GW Guitar and Luthier Service

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Specialists in electric guitars, basses and baritone guitars. All our guitars and basses are either built specific to the customers request or with our own designs where every component is hand selected.

The woods we choose are hand picked and carefully matched for each instrument for both aesthetic and tonal qualities.

We also offer professional luthier services to customise, upgrade or repair.


Boutique and big name pickups and hardware can be used
We are proud to be able to source native and exotic timbers for guitar bodies, necks, fingerboards and figured/bookmatched tops.


Please visit our contact page if you have any specific requests.

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GW Guitars are pleased to announce endorsement with the very talented Josh Elliott, Lead guitarist of The Dolmen. His band can be found here

We are currently working on a signature model for Josh which he designed himself and can be seen on our Kvasir page. 

This is what he had to say after receiving the Æsir 005 pictured above.

"When I was 16 I got a Fender Stratocaster HSS, and I didn't think there would be any other guitar for me. Then I played a GW Guitar. I went to see the guys at GW guitars as I'd always been interested in the construction of guitars and wanted to see how it was done. They handed me one of their very own designs, The Aesir, to hear my thoughts and it played amazingly! You have optimum contact with the guitar, you can feel it resonating against your body and you feel part of the sound. The neck is big and it really allows you to dig in on bends, but at the same time creates a comfortable, reassuring experience when playing chords. The guitar was designed with sustain in mind. All the hardware and wood were specifically chosen to make that possible and it really works. You hit that note and it just keeps on ringing. For me, it felt right and I think has heavily effected the passion and expression in my playing for the better. I cautiously asked if it was for sale and luckily for me it was. The rest is history really! I've had countless comments from people saying how great it looks. The first time I played it live members of the crowds said "that's your guitar" "it suits you perfectly" Sound wise, the combination of the tone wood, guitar amp and pickups is fantastic. Everything is hand crafted and loved and I think that makes all the difference. The Alnico 2 pickups allow deep cutting leads, clear rhythms, and luscious cleans. Since owning it, there's not been a single show I haven't used it for. I wake up with the need to play it. I love it and can't bare to put it down! The band love it, the sound engineers love it and, most importantly, the crowd love it! If your after something different, something unique, something raw, something real. Go and try a GW Guitar. You will not be disappointed! Josh Elliott The Dolmen"

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